General News of Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Source: Daily Post

New Chairman Of CVAC Booted Out?

Even before he stepped foot into office, internal maneuverings and intense lobbying were deployed to stop Captain (Rtd) Victus Amenyedu from replacing Carl Wilson as Chairman of the Confiscated Vehicles Allocation Committee (CVAC).

As at last Friday when his appointment letter was to be handed to him, usually reliable sources told Daily Post that a dispatch rider was prevented from doing that. Intelligence sources said a group emerged from the corridors of power and swore heaven and earth to prevent him from occupying that post.

The group, backed by some unconscionably selfish individuals, attempted to reject Captain (Rtd) Amenyedu on the basis of a very divisive factor.

The factor, this paper will like to withhold for now, has the potential to throw national cohesion out of gear.

Captain Amenyedu was among three people screened by National Security for the post of the CVAC head. His sterling performance put him ahead of the others.

Captain Amenyedu's letter of appointment was said to have been signed by the Chief Director at the Castle.

Intelligence indications point to the assertion that the dispatch rider was asked not to deliver the letter. It was deduced that the Castle directive was ignored.

Signals picked by the Daily Post indicate that a rival group recouped to oppose vehemently moves to ditch Captain (Rtd) Amenyedu.

Independent observers say if the Mills administration had pandered to the whims and caprices of this anti- Amenyedu group, a new chapter of internal implosion would have been opened in the NDC.

Daily Post investigations are on-going for the identities of those behind the anti-Amenyedu group to be exposed for the kinds of persons they are.

Carl Wilson's position became vacant following several complaints of car stealing at the ports.

Many importers have complained of arbitrary seizure of their cars. They said several attempts to high offices for their issues to be solved proved futile.

Despite the activities of the anti- Amenyedu group to torpedo his appointment, he was confirmed as the new Chairman of the Confiscated Vehicles Allocation Committee yesterday.


.busted for attempted stealing of an allocated car

Trouble-stricken Carl Wilson, former Chairman of the Confiscated Vehicles Allocation Committee (CVAC) is refusing to be out of the news.

Verifiable documents available to Daily Post indicate that he stole the original letter allocating a vehicle to one Mike Quarshie, a senior Customs officer in charge of the Atlas Terminal at the Tema Port.

Though the Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) had records that Carl Wilson took the original letter allocating a Lancia Dedra to Mike Quarshie, he vehemently denied it when the CEPS officer went to him to request for it to enable him clear the car which was at the Atlas Terminal.

Investigations revealed that Carl Wilson took the original letter and gave it to a clearing agent to clear the car for him after he paid GHC924.00 as offer price excluding port handling charges.

Mike Quarshie frequented the offices of Carl Wilson, but the only sing-song that greeted him everyday was that “I've not seen your letter”. The absence of the original letter meant Mr. Mike Quarshie could not clear the car.

When a clearing agent came to the Atlas Terminal with the original document bearing the CEPS officer's name to clear the Lancia Dedra, he was quickly busted and during interrogation confessed that Carl Wilson gave him the letter.

Had the vehicle been cleared successfully by the clearing agent, it would have gone to Carl Wilson. Even more significantly, had the real owner not been the CEPS officer in charge of that Terminal, thievery would have been committed on a silver platter.

Courtesy vigilance, Carl Wilson though stealing the original document was prevented from stealing the car.

The Lancia Dedra in question was manufactured in 1993. It has Chassis number ZLA83600003028427.

The letter allocating it was signed by E.S. Ackwerh, Deputy CEPS Commissioner on 2nd March, 2010.

The necessary documents are scanned and reproduced for our readers.

Carl Wilson was booted out of office last week following reports of arbitrary seizure and stealing of cars. His actions have become a source of embarrassment to the NDC administration and the entire nation.

Some radical elements insist Carl Wilson must not be allowed to step his foot in any government establishment again as an officer.

Check out more of Carl Wilson's thievery in subsequent editions of this paper.