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Big Guns Stay Clear of Jubilee ‘Mess’ in Ghana

Comment: Ghana's oil find

2009-11-05 13:16:29
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Big Guns Stay Clear of Jubilee ‘Mess’ in Ghana

The oil find in Ghana is like a poorman who won a $million dollar lottery.This man went on a drinking spree with friends,telling people how he's going to change his lifestyle etc.This man gets drunk,forget the winning ticket in one of his pockets,the wife wakes up in the morning,packs the dirty things to the laundry and ends up washing the ticket.No photocopy of the ticket was made.He won the lotto alright,but where is the evidence,he goes to where he bought the ticket,the attendant agrees to help,but on conditions,he consults a lawyer and he agrees to help but on conditions.In the end this man and his family ended up as poor as before.Ghanaians must be careful how we handle our natural resourses.This is a case where all the political parties,knowlegeable Ghanaians in the oil business must come together and seek the national interest.

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Ghana's oil find
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