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Big Guns Stay Clear of Jubilee ‘Mess’ in Ghana

Comment: oil is a blessing and a curse

2009-11-05 07:36:46
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Look at Nigeria to start with they produce a lot of oil but what is the point if it doesnt benefit her people Saudi Arabia is a good example of an oil producing country Libya too can Ghana use this God given gift to turn her sorrow to happiness this is the right time because if the oil was discorved in the military regime time Ghana would have had a high price on the remote war market for the big cats to stir a civil war and let me warn you that danger is still there today look at the rebels at the Nigerians oilfields fighting and kidnaping people the same thing could happing in Ghana well you will say Ghanains are afraid of blood some one will also tell you how can i be afraid of blood if sometimes blood is money you see that means when it comes to big money sacrifeces can be made it doesnt necesserary have to be Ghananains who will cause this mayham but it can be anybody from a foriegn country so lets do our homeworks right not to turn this bleessing into a curse our oil found is meaneless onless it benefits each and every Ghanain Freedom Freedom Jubilee Jubilee may God bless my homeland Ghana Amen.

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oil is a blessing and a curse
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