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Big Guns Stay Clear of Jubilee ‘Mess’ in Ghana

Comment: oil destiny is in our hands

2009-11-05 07:25:55
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today, i think this is god news . reasons are the big oil giants are leaving the destiny of our oil fields to ourselves. this is unprecedented. we all know how this gullible Europeans do when there is something good somewhere. if we do not take heed and do what is right, they will be like , they don't trust themselves and so anything we offer , its what they will take. another thing is , maybe the amount of oil find reported was over stated and these Europeans know this and that is why they do not want to spend their monies in Ghana. the world today is so much in need of oil and one will wonder why oil companies will not want to invest in Ghana

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11-05 00:18
oil destiny is in our hands
11-05 07:25