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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China


2009-10-13 09:44:36
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think of your future and not

NDC HAS STARTED AGAIN, THIS TIME ON GHANA OIL. The whole thrust of their vicious campaign, and politics of intimidation is to secure a foothold on the NPP discovered Ghana OIL. NDC will do anything to bring new cronies so that they can chop the big bribes.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with everything going on with the Oil, but from scratch, NDC followers have pinned all their hopes on the Oil. They have sent their selected locales to train to man the Oil Rigs, their GNPC officials of old and new are poring into every detail of contracts to explore avenues for the government to abrogate these and reach new agreements with their invisible partners. The Ahwois and Tsikatas are the faceless gurus involved in all this.
Only our elected representatives in Parliament can help Ghana from the grand designs of the NDC Government on the Black Gold.
The DIVESTITURE Kings are back and this time all eyes red on the Oil. They want it for their Party, family, friends and them alone. They have done it before and will do it again

Leave the oil alone, NDC with your Chinese or Venezuela partners. We did not know them when Tullow and the rest were prospecting the oil amidst uncertainty with their capitaL. Now that the time is nigh, look at what the devil is doing. Ghanaians should loudly tell NDC, let it be, you restless people who think Ghana belongs to them and have all the wisdom in the nation.

Let the Oil flow now to save the poor people than stalling agreements to delay the God sent fortune. The business of Ghana Oil should be published for us all to know because we did not know the last time who bought our ships,mines, factories (ecept nsawam cannery), scc, pwd, shc, sfc, pbd... buildings and machines etc etc during the great divestiture, where state assets were auctioned to faceless men and women, purely of ndc extraction.

NDC cronyism will never abate and so beware for the leopard does not change its skin. Dont trust the NDC bribe takers.


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