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Govt studying Exxon-Kosmos deal

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2009-10-08 14:26:20
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You seem very logical in your thinking, have you read Sam Jonah's article on Tsatsu and GNPC, I think it will grant you an insight to what is happening. Tsikata's greatest feat was the requirement of consolidation of all information regarding oil exploration in Ghana and the redefining of Ghana's petroleum law, all this information has made subsequent research easier,
Cosmos hand picked a Ghanaian, George Owusu to help with the negotiation process, He is only a cog in the wheel, GNPC now has no real role or goal and I believe they will try to muscle a role for themselves. Its only American that an American company will sell to their fellow American for strategic interest (war). It's only imperative to keep the chinese from strategic reserves in case of war. After all that was the achilles heel of the Germans.

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