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Govt studying Exxon-Kosmos deal

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2009-10-08 10:52:55
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These are the facts of the matter. Nobody is taking anything away from the (P)NDC. In fact , but for the absolute trust that Jerry Rawlings had in Tsatsu, Ghana could not have developed one of the most skilled oil industry staff in Africa, that it has.

But Ghana paid for shallow water seismic, which took GNPC studies to the limit of the available data. The point where nearly everyone, except a few technical die-hards, thought Ghana had come to the end of the road. Perhaps you will understand why Jerry Rawlings removed his own idol Tsatsu, from GNPC.

It took people like Owusu to keep knocking th doors of the "independents" in Houston to come back to Ghana. That is why it was the Kosmoses and Tullows that made the major discoveries in Ghana and not the Shells and Exxon Mobils.
These are the facts.
Good day.

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