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Exxon Buys Kosmos' Ghana Oil Field Stakes

Comment: Ibrahim To Kofi

2009-10-07 00:27:49
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To Kofi

1. Your unity message is great, but 'Kofi' makes you sure that he is Ashanti or Akan?
You have a lot of learning to do.
Go back to school and learn where Kojo (Kwadwos) to Kwames (Kwamis) and Adjoas (Adwoas) to Akosua (Akosias) occur in Africa, if you can identify Africa on the map.

2. You've never voted for NDC in your life, but you've voted for NPP, huh?
NDC is 17 years old.
Are you sure you've even voted before, or you started voting immediately after birth?

Are you one of the unborn, the infants and the ghosts who have been voting for NPP all these years of rigs?

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10-06 14:58
Ibrahim To Kofi
10-07 00:27