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Exxon Buys Kosmos' Ghana Oil Field Stakes

Comment: NDC's Tsatsu started it off

2009-10-06 19:00:24
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Re: don't expect huge riches

Here we go again on this debate. We've been down this road before -who did what, when, etc. Don't we just love politicising matters - NDC this, NPP that. Insult here, insult there.

All we want is for the first barrels to start coming out and the revenue therefrom managed properly so that it has a significant impact on the economy and the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian. Schools, hospitals, roads, water, electricity, etc.

Meanwhile, look into further alternative forms of energy, solar, wind, offshore surf surge etc., weave in the green credentials, search for investment possibilities and let things move. Over to you, Energy sector decision makers, the clock continues to tick towards the next election.

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10-06 14:58
NDC's Tsatsu started it off
10-06 19:00