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Women calls for Affirmative Action now

Comment: No need for this in Ghana

Abeeku Mensah
2009-10-06 15:43:46
Comment to:
Women calls for Affirmative Action now

Ghana does not and will never need affirmative action. Ghana needs an end to tribalism, cronyism and to stop replacing competence with loyalty. Ex-president Kufour, a so-called Oxford educated Ashanti, in his own words (or should I say in his masters voice) proclaimed that he wanted loyal people around him not competent. As such, his government was full of incompetent but loyal men rather than the thousands of Ghana's competent, qualified and dignified women. There are qualified and competent women in Ghana who seek full time employment but cannot find because of a society that is top heavy with men who got there via cronyism and tribal connection and who like nothing better than to trade jobs for sex with Ghana's women. Affirmative action where ever and whenever it is practiced has had mediocre results. The men who execute the mandate intentionally hire the most unqualified so they can criticize the new mandate. And when they do hire a qualified applicant, they refuse to pay comparable wage due the new hire.
I can point to hundreds of women out there who are more qualified, competent and more honest than a thousands of Ghana's top men who occupy positions of power but are brain dead, lacking in skills and innovation, and keep dragging Ghana's productive capacity down each day while collecting paychecks. It is rather ironic that it is a man who would like to save women of Ghana by being the head of this Women's rights group and may well be making more money than the women he represents..

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