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Women calls for Affirmative Action now

Comment: 'Affirmative Action'

Auntie Sophie
2009-10-06 15:35:00
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Women calls for Affirmative Action now

Issue about women representation continues to be topical. Ghana remains a patriarchal society, with virtually all structures of the land being male dominated, male directed. Within the political realm, the equation is so bad. I was not enthused a bit by the NDC's failure to honor it promise of doing something better as regards women representation. If women who make about 50% or more of most populations all over the world are to be reckoned as a vast potential of very useful human resources, then we all need to pause and think. I can vouch for women who have made breakthroughs into patriarchal domains,they have very often distinguished themselves. Equal rights mean equal rights for both men and women. Women should have equitable political rights too. We need to start from somewhere. Rwanda, to day has a better credential as regards women representation than most countries. Did the genocide there have any impact on women representation? I rest my case.

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