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Environmental Impact Assessment Of Jubilee Field And Matters Arising


Paa Fitz
2009-10-08 16:54:52
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Environmental Impact Assessment Of Jubilee Field A

Kudos on your piece as a beginning point. I hope you will return with another piece on the urgent need of infrastructure to facilitate the capacity gap. There is a huge lack of capacity at this time.

The lack of infrastructure capacity would even rob the people of Ghana more on opportunities to benefit from the oil.
Oil cannot be processed or refined if we do not have purified water! Every barrel oil produced requires at least 5 barrels of purified water. We need Water Treatment plants like yesterday!
Water treatment plant requires Consistent Power supply - We need Electric Generation and Power Grid to feed it.
Water Treatment also requires Bulk chemicals. The Bulk Chemicals require good rail access to deliver at the Treatment Plants.
The people that run the Oil and Water facilities need places to live and raise their families - This requires Housing, Offices, Banks, Schools etc. to mention a few.
All these are supposed to be in the process of being developed at this time.
Leadership of this region need to solicit the help of professional consultants to develop a Master Plan to bring all of these needs together at this time. Failure would turn the whole issue into a big confusion like Nigeria.
Please leaders, act now to avoid disaster for your people later! Good Luck!

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Paa Fitz
10-08 16:54