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Environmental Impact Assessment Of Jubilee Field And Matters Arising

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2009-10-08 08:03:37
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Environmental Impact Assessment Of Jubilee Field A

Don't the District Assemblies have EPA and NADMO departments? How about the resgional offices? These reports are supposed to be deposited at the regional/district offices for at least three months, for study, before the hearings begin. Why were they not studied and discussed at the regional/district levels?

The oil discovery is more than 32 kilometres from shore. They are, in fact, a deepwater discoveries. All the processing will be done on offshore facilities. So apart from (touch wood) spill or blow-out accidents, there is very little chance of the production activities affecting the local areas.

In terms of fishing, I cannot see local fishermen in dug-out boats going that far out to fish. It is true that the waste on siesmic boats and rigs is a major source of attraction for fish. But that is no reason for fishermen to risk their lives to uncharted areas.

As for employment on the production systems, it is high-technology. Most of the huge production platforms in the North Sea are manned by four or five people on the rig and three or four on land-based operation rooms at any one time (because of earlier accidents in the 1970s and 80s.) If we want to be involved, we should train our people. GNPC at the moment does not even have the capacity to play its part in the current appraisal/development phase, not to talk of the production phase. Most of the Ghanaians that have been working on rigs around the world are deckhands, nothing to write home about.

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