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Where will Obama Sleep?

Comment: Trasacco Valley.

Obiba Kwame
2009-07-10 18:39:26
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Where will Obama Sleep?

Of course he will be staying at my mansion at Trasacco Valley. There is no house in Accra that compares to it. It is a seven bedroom, nine bath house on a 2 acre lot, completely fenced and secured, and has central air conditioning.

The Secret Service and the US Embassy in Accra contacted me about a month ago, and I agreed to having Obama and Michelle use my house. They have since then beefed up security around the house, and have installed new telecom equipment.

Obasanjo stayed in this house during one of his visits to Accra at the request of Kufour.

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07-10 18:09
Trasacco Valley.
Obiba Kwame
07-10 18:39