Religion of Friday, 26 June 2009

Source: Henry Godson-Affu

Rev. Eastwood Anaba a modern day example to the body of Christ.

In this day and age when genuine Christian leaders can be difficult to come by Rev. Eastwood Anaba has never refused to be a shinning example to Christians around the world and Ghana in particular. Rev. Anaba is a highly principled, disciplined man who lives by the strength of his convictions. He is a strong and forthright preacher of the Word, a mentor and father to those God has placed under his ministry.

His message centres on the Holy Ghost, righteousness, discipline, and order in the Body of Christ.

I have realised that many people are quick to criticise ministers for the wrong reasons but hardly commend them when due. The Bible says give honour to whom honour is due. For me this great man is true a national hero.

As a native of Bolgatanga in the Upper he never deserted his people in search of greener pastures elsewhere. He has always helped to bring developmental projects to Bolgatanga and its environs as well as founding charities with his wife Rosemond Anaba to help orphans, widows and the less privileged in society.

In my opinion Rev. Anaba has demonstrated clearly he is a true believer considering what he had to endure in recent times. He learned to encourage himself and the body of Christ with his true ‘King David’-like attributes.

As a shining star in Ghana’s socio-religious platform I believe our political leaders must involve people like this in all aspects of national developments. Just as the Americans used Evangelist Billy Graham as a Spiritual advisor during the tenure of six American Presidents, I sincerely believe Rev. Eastwood Anaba has earned his place in Ghana’s spiritual history and must be duly honoured for his fight for decency in the church and striving to help the poor and the oppressed in society.

His example and message on the ‘LOVE REVOLUTION’ must be encouraged by all and sundry Christians and non-Christians alike. Ghana needs more of these messages in a day where political and tribal divisions stare horribly in the face of national growth and development. It’s was a breath of fresh air to hear him speak on the Love Revolution at the National Thanksgiving day. Once again well done Rev. Eastwood Anaba keep the great work up. God Bless you Sir. God Bless FGC and Bolgatanga, God Bless Ghana.

Henry Godson-Afful. B.Ed, MA. London , UK.

Minister/Author/HR & Educational Consultant

President Of Maximum Impact Foundation, UK. Email: Facebook: Henry Godson-Afful Henry Godson-Afful is the author of the Book Not the Gold but the Clay and From Crisis to Christ.