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World Bank Free Market Policy Duplicity | (comment 4477018)
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World Bank Free Market Policy Duplicity


esi begyina
2009-02-06 00:29:27
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World Bank Free Market Policy Duplicity


We are waiting for a leader who will stand up and sack World Bank, IMF and all those parasitic agencies from ghana. We dont need them. We need our own leadership to mobilize our own resources to find our own way. That is how any developed country in the world made it. Nobody has ever taken loans and grants from WB/ IMF and transitioned from poor to middle income to successful. it never happend anywhere. i still wonder why Africans think they can follow that system and succeed? it simply cant happen. So far after 50+ years of this begger-giver econoic model not one specific example of any antion that has used it become successful, self reliant and economic powerhous. not one.

They say doing the same ting and expecting the same result is insanity. So are we too blind to see it?

From ERP to PAMSCAD to "free markets" to HIPIC. Still no progress. More dependency. Neo-colonialism is alive and well in Africa and not going anywhere anytime soon.

We must end it. NOW!

Ghana deserves better.

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02-06 00:29
esi begyina
02-06 00:29