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Son Pounds Mum, Sis...Over NDC/NPP Support

Comment: cocaincracy and violence= npp

nana boadaa
2008-11-25 04:12:42
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Son Pounds Mum, Sis...Over NDC/NPP Support

i hope the story is credible, anyway verifiable. kwaku's violent behaviour fits the family he had just 'naturalised' to. his malicious intention of political cross- carpetting, ostensibly to to have a bite of the ongoing selective justice, cronysm and favored judgement in his chieftaicy affairs. it is the order of the day that one's association with the npp is an automatic immunity to crimes, no wonder the killers of ya-naa and his forty subjects are walking 'broad chested', no wonder why the government's own public security officials who tortured alhaji mobila to death are walking 'broad chested' and still holding their offices, no wonder the three npp women executive arrested at kia with loads of cocaine are walking broad chested and and running their drug business, no wonder tsatsu tsikata, the brain behind the recent oil discovery was not giving a fair trial, as confirmed by the former bar association president, tsatsu was selectively incacerated, no wonder why the ndc parliamentary candiddate arrested for electoral was tried in hrs,such cases against npp associates are either pending or do not have dockets yet. are you suprised mr. kwaku abonsam is walking broad chested and bragging that nobody could touch him..?
such people with hidden intentions, dishonest to society who seek their personal interest to satisfy their personal insatiable greed could not and cannot stay with the ndc, no, there is no access to such undemocratic, lawless and corrupt practices which do not belong to the dictates of social democracy of the ndc and the constitution of ghana

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cocaincracy and violence= npp
nana boadaa
11-25 04:12
nii dr alhj barrister engr yum
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