General News of Saturday, 30 August 2008

Source: The Sun

Man rapes 3 kids of same parents same day

Lagos, Nigeria -- But for the sorry sight of these three siblings- swollen pubic regions, blood dripping from their private parts and the difficulty they had walking, the story would sound like a tale by the moonlight that a ‘sane’ young man, Emmanuel Assai, 25, a Ghanaian, would take three kids of the same parents to his room and had sex with them one after the other. The three children are aged between 6 and 2. Peace, 6; Favour, 4 and Victory, 2.

But the pervert got almost what he bargained for in the hands of mothers in the neighbourhood who could not contain their angst over the despicable act and dealt the man the beating of his life. Reports say the man was severely brutalised out of annoyance by mothers who would not understand why three children of such ages could be so badly assaulted. The serial rapist and paedophile was taken to the police station half dead as a result of the beating.

Emmanuel is a waiter at a restaurant in Satellite Town. The restaurant is owned by a Ghanaian woman married to a Nigerian. Emmanuel was said to have arrived Nigeria about two weeks ago in search of job.

According to his employer, Emmanuel left Ghana for Nigeria and was stranded at Badagry because there was no money to continue his journey. He later boarded a commercial vehicle coming to Mile Two from Badagry and when he got to Mile Two, his fellow countrymen paid his fares and took him to this woman who had earlier on informed them that she was looking for a helper in her restaurant. Emmanuel was taken to her and it was agreed that certain amount would be deducted from his salary to defray his transport fare, which was paid by some Ghanaians in Lagos.

The woman accommodated him in the one-room apartment she had vacated for a bigger and better one. It is in the same face-me-I- face you residence that the three little girls live with their parents, (names withheld).

Emmanuel was said to be friendly with the children and was always playing with them. The children in turn were fond of him. Their parents never saw anything wrong in his caring disposition to their children; they regarded him as an amiable fellow and good neighbour.

For reason best known to Emmanuel, he did not go to work last Tuesday. In the afternoon, while the mother of the children who is nursing a new baby was outside the compound doing some laundry, Emmanuel called the three children to his room, locked the door and defiled them, one after the other.

It was their painful scream for help that attracted the mother from where she was hanging some of the clothes she had washed. Neighbours were also attracted. When the door was forced open, what confronted them was the unpleasant sight of blood dripping from the private parts of these minors with semen on their tender pubic regions. The door was barricaded to prevent Emmanuel from escaping.

In a jiffy, a crowd had gathered and tears flowed at the sight of these innocent siblings humiliated state. The women decided that only the blood of Emmanuel could dry up their tears and assuage the emotional and psychological trauma and stigma he has inflicted on these children and they brought him out and descended on him with whatever objects they could lay hands on. They had almost succeeded in putting the breath out of him but for the timely intervention of policemen from Satellite police division. Emmanuel was rescued, arrested almost in coma and was taken to an undisclosed hospital.

Doctor’s report

From preliminary medical examination, Emmanuel made a forceful penetration into the the three children. Their father, an okada rider does not have enough money to give them adequate medical treatment to ascertain the extent of injury or damage to their system or to determine if the brute has not transmitted any disease into them.

Old in crime

Contrary to the statement of Emmanuel’s employer that he just arrived Lagos from Ghana, Saturday Sun’s investigation reveals that Emmanuel has been in Lagos for a long time. There was a time he committed an offence that the OPC wanted to deal with him and it was this woman and some other Ghanaians that rescued him from the jaws of death. From then, he was employed by the woman to work in her restaurant and stay away from trouble. He is said to be very hard working.