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Dedication, commitment can win war on drugs - Addo-Kufuor

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Kwasi (UK)
2008-07-21 20:38:03
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Opia,you also have a good point but the truth is that the war or drug is a difficult one. The drug trade is 500 billion industry.It comes after the oil business.Ghana or Ghanaians are target b/co they are vulnerable and nice people as well. What I mean is that Ghana economy is weak so the drug dealers can penetrate by a little bride. Just imagine a police commander in-charge of a barracks taking $350.00 per month. Can such a person resist the drug dealers when he has school bills to settle? I met a young Policewoman who told me that she does not have a TV. Her monthly salary is around $70.00. It's a said story, isn't it? Can such a constable resist the drug dealers when they offer her $2,000.00 bride for them to enter or cross the Ghanaian border?
Let me tell you the law enforcement agencies have conscience and know the pros and cons of what they are doing but the economic pressure is the main problem. I don't think those ghanaias doing or helping the drug business are evil. As we live in the unjust world economic order those vulnerable people are bound to suffer. Indeed Ghanaia authorities alone cannot win this war. The dealers are tough like the mafia. They have toppled some governments and assasinated others. Indeed Ghana needs support from the international community to fight this war.Do you know that the Ghana police are still using the (referee's) whistle to call for attention intead of the modern security radio. Thanks for your concern Opia.

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07-21 15:40
Re:Let's gt serious with this
Kwasi (UK)
07-21 20:38