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Investigate Kwamena Bartels - CPP

Comment: Pot calling kettle black

Kofi Freeman
2008-05-28 06:44:13
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Investigate Kwamena Bartels - CPP

These CPP and NDC left wing politicians know one thing better than others: persecuting political opponents. In their time they introduced detention without trial, exiled political opponents and did many evil things, but they were unclean themselves as they stole the nations resources to build for themselves palatial mansions which are now empty. Then the notorious devilish criminals - NDC: they brought vetting, investigation and tribunals to persecute and maim political opponents in a most DRACONIAN MANNER THAT SHOULD NEVER BE REPEATED IN OUR COUNTRY. But NPP Government HAS NEVER SOUGHT TO INVESTIGATE THESE PEOPLE WHO MADE THEIR LIVES HELL. YET STILL, THE CPP/NDC ARE NEVER SATISFIED. THEY WANT TO PERSECUTE US EVEN WHEN THEY ARE IN OPPOSITION. THIS IS A WARNING TO NPP PEOPLE: THAT THESE THIEVES, KILLERS, EVIL POLITICIANS WILL MAKE THEM SUFFER IF THEY COME BACK TO POWER.

What has Kwamena Bartels done to merit investigation? Did he steal any cocaine at the Police depot? Is he from Bawku to get involve in their little tendaana chieftaincy crisis? what has he done in trouble-strife Ablekuma? hAS HE NOT INDICATED HIS DESIRE TO QUIT? What do you want him to do again in ever troubulous Ghana? Why should he not help her daughter to get a loan to do business? has she stolen the money or merely contracted financial assistance for a legitimate business. is it more wrong than what CPP did in power -stealing and stealing for themselves and their families? is it worse than Nana Konadu Rawlings stealing a whole state factory in the name of the bogus revolution? These complaining NPP Opponents do not scare us. They talk like angels but evil like satan. Kwamena Bartels has done very well for his country. From his days at Mfantsipim to his work as a the youngest Registrar at Cape Vars; and for his gallant efforts alongside Hon Safo Adu during the times of PMFJ anti-rawlings dictatorship campaign, when he suffered unnecessary imprisonment at the hands of Rawlings/Kojo Tsikata nebulous regime; then to his vigorous campaign for NPP to their electoral success, and his subsequent appointments to date, one can say that the man is clearly an achiever. There was no need for this egocentric Kuffuor guy to attempt to disgrace him just six months into the end of regime. it is surely a show of disrespect and ingratitude for all the many many good things Bartels has done for Kuffuor, NPP and his country. Kwamena bartels has indeed won the hearts and minds of the silent majority of Ghanaians who know his achievements in government. No one will investigate him. He has done nothing wrong. he has not stolen any cocaine. he has not caused any problem for these troublesome Liberian refugees. he is a patriotic nationalist par excellence. Posterity and History will judge him kindly. I just wish these politiicians will write their autobiography for the youth to know their great sacrifices to their country. NDC and CPP should stop their constant annoying calls for investigationans and investigations into a sitting government. Investigations were not called into PNDC long misrule despite the sale of Ghana's properties under a guise of divestiture. CPP were the most corrupt government in Africa but still in politics. Their children are back seeking furthetr trouble and calling others thieves when their fathers hands were always in the till. as foor the angeic NDC apparitchiks, no one listens to their nonsense anymore as time has proved that they are certifid thieves who fear prison like hell. It is a case of a Black Pot calling a kettle Black.

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operation cold chop
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Pot calling kettle black
Kofi Freeman
05-28 06:44