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Kwamena Bartels Dismissed!

Comment: bartel and sweet sugar deal .

chief amankwa
2008-05-24 12:07:10
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Kwamena Bartels Dismissed!

he approved, sweet sugar deal, an italian backed export credit for her daughter whilst ghanaian industralist can not get the facilities but remained in his position despite clear evidence, his action were not neccessary corrupt but guilty of nepotism and very unethical...this guy must be put infront of court..They all get away with murder, this sytem abusive of power only fement, and create a monster/adventurer who will use public mood to disstabilise our dear democracy..what is going is south africa is due bad policies in zimbabwe govt and aother national are paying for it...These are terrorist ,vampire,predatory govt policies unleashed on the african massives...african politician and corrupting are bedfellows, they can all go to hell.

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bartel and sweet sugar deal .
chief amankwa
05-24 12:07