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Akufo-Addo's campaign team revealed

Comment: Good Team

2008-02-06 12:10:34
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Akufo-Addo's campaign team revealed

This is simple.You donot have to be a rocket scientist to know this.Whoever has been good at his post during all the 8 years of NPP has to be kept.If the Boat is sailing smoothly why rock it.Is good to bring aboard all the aspirants because they all got the right juice.All of them really have the qualities to be President.How they have been able to knit together after the convention tells every Tom how matured they are because at the end of the day there were no loosers or winners.Like it or not as a team right from the Vice President and the Ministers and the behind the scenes people and the council members have really chalked a lot for the nation in seven years as compared to all previous regimes.Even if you can not hear at least you can see.Anyway you are not there yet because a whole lot still need be done with armed robbery,corruption,drugs etc.These are all old old cancers eating into the very fabric of the nation.The drugs is flushing away the precious future of the futre leaders.The media should be encouraged to get involved in educating the Masses on these and several issues.Thanks and God bless.

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02-05 15:20
Good Team
02-06 12:10