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Rawlings Meditations on Africa?s Democracy

Comment: Stop the nonsense

Peter Owusu Boahene
2008-02-06 13:17:42
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I always become sad and hopeless when I visit thids discussion boeard. We have only succeeded in proving, through the years of the existence of "Say it loud" that we are not capable of having any sensible discussion that can result in the improvement of Ghana. All we do on this forum is try beat each other in trading insults.
Asante may try all day to show that Ewes are inferior. Ewes on the other hand may try all day to show that Asante are inferior. At the end of the day, we end up showing everybody else how stupid we all are. There are serious issues like armed robbery and HIV infections facing Ghana. I however have never read a single thread showing how we can come together as a nation to solve these problems. I have not seen a single Ghanaian, Ewe or Asante, who has invented a simple useful tool like the scissor. Whom therefore are we kidding when we say that we are super tribes? Wake up my people, and read the signs on the wall. If we are not careful, Ghana will continue to be laggards. Thank you.

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02-05 01:49
Stop the nonsense
Peter Owusu Boahene
02-06 13:17