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Rawlings Meditations on Africa?s Democracy

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Yaooooooooo, UK
2008-02-05 18:25:07
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It is very interesting reading all these on the web about rawlings, ashantis, ewes etc. My understanding of this piece of article was not one of praise to rawlings but the fact that he is the best person to talk about democracy in Africa, having seen it all; from when he took power by the gun till he handed over peaceful to a democratically elected government. the old adage goes that 'it is only a foolish son who makes the same mistake the father made'. The father telling the child his mistakes and what to do to avoid it does not mean the father prides in what he had done. Moreso how can we even develop with this form of tribalism among those of us who are educated or elites in society...hmmmm. Is there a future for our country if we all continue this way? Please let us dessist from this kind of talks and forge ahead together to build mother Ghana. Thanks for the attention and God Bless Ghana.

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02-05 01:49
re:fools shall always be fools
Yaooooooooo, UK
02-05 18:25