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Rawlings Meditations on Africa?s Democracy

Comment: Rawlings again?

2008-02-05 05:02:26
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Rawlings Meditations on Africa?s Democracy

Anytime I read from or about Rawlings I get very annoyed. This is the man who came from rags to riches now preaching African democracy to us? Please keep your kind of democracy to yourself.
You came and killed our past leaders. Think if President Kufour had killed you, will you be alive today to be traveling, and be giving the podiums to deliver your speeches?
Rawlings what ever goes around comes around. The leaders you killed will hunt you down not by President Kufour but by their offspring.
Keep your mouth shut Rawlings. You had 20 yrs rule and almost destroyed Ghana.
You don’t know the first thing about democracy and the rule of law. Africa and Ghana does not need your kind of Kangaroo justice system.
For sure as long as there is Light and Darkness, the people of Ghana and Africa will prefer the Light to Darkness. Yes I know hate is technically too strong a word, but I can say that many detest you and what you did to some of our past leaders.
Look at indirectly what you are doing to Prof Mills? You make me sick to my stomach. If you created NDC then you will be the one also that will destroy it.
We need freedom and justice and not intimidation and justice.

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Rawlings again?
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