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CPP congress is a turning point for the party - Akosa

Comment: Fought for what ?

2007-10-24 19:33:21
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Monkey no work for Baboon to C

Who was at the fore in the battle to win back the CPP name, and financed it from the 90s to now...?
Where was Akosa from the 90s when Nduom and others were figthing to get the name back...? And where have you been until now, Menaye whatever...?
Just check your facts before you come here,amateur .....

After the overthrow of Limann, the men and women who have kept the CPP going include the progressives....the 3 CPP MPs,the late Botsio and Bekoe(may they rest in peace),Bentsil Enchil and many other forward looking members....The "monkeys" ( you may include the patriots)came in after the battle had been won....

For your information, the new battle is not being fought to CHOP anything....THE BATTLE IS BEING FOUGHT TO DEVELOP GHANA,PERIOD...Nduom is not fighting for anyone's money...he has enough .....And he is supporting less fortunate Ghanaians with jobs...He has been doing this for years...go to www.nduom for more....

But this is the wrong time for your comments anyway...Nduom and the progressives are moving the CPP forward.....Nduom holds the key to the Castle...And you could do well to join him or forever stay in backwardness........ FORWARD EVER!

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10-24 02:48
Fought for what ?
10-24 19:33