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CPP congress is a turning point for the party - Akosa


2007-10-24 10:27:03
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CPP congress is a turning point for the party - Ak

There are many who are sympathethic to the CPP and wish it well.It is therefore good to read about its activities and the coming Congress

Ir does not need me to point again that the NPP of Danquah/Busia tradionalists is not going to take Ghana very far. Nkrumah broke from them to get us political independence, Many of the economic projects which were intended to cement our indpendence have come to nothing because they did not have champions to protect and advance them

The NPP came into power on the slogan “time for a change”This was not much of an agenda . Everything they have done confirms their meadering around in the hope that someting good will turn up for Ghana.

They say that they want to use private enterprise as the vehicle for development but frankly do not know how to do this and because oif this they cannot determine what role the government should play.

They think by selling what is left of the state entrprises, transformation of the economy would occur This is at a time, when everywhere we look ,the big and principal players are state capitalists either as sovereign fund holders or as manufacturers or service deliverers So they watch and wait for GT which they are dismantling, to parter one of such capitalists whether in the form of France. Singapore or Portuguese telecom. Are these men of thinking?

Quite cleary this is the time for the realignement of the politics of Ghana. In short, there has to be a break from these traditionalists of Danquah and Busia to a party wiith ideas, policies and values blessed with development ananses. led by an Economic Nationalist in the mould of Dr Mahathir of Malaysia with the political activicism of Nkumah A party and people who have imbibed the message of why we wanted independence and is prepared to set in motion economic policies to undo the injustices which the black race has been through and set it on a path to achieving and becoming a relevant player on the international business scene.

These NPPpeople cannot do it with the World bank in tow We cannot restructure our economy by doing things which the West and the World Bank approve of or have suggested. To follow such a path is to pussy foot around at the edges

It will help Ghana to get far, if the CPP and the NDC and other opposition parties get together to mount a United campaign to undo the NPP


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