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Ewe history book is launched


Kofi Agyeman
2007-08-16 06:02:50
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Ewe history book is launched

If you go to any Ashanti town or Akan town,Ga Town you will see members of all tribes , who are going about their daily lives happily. These people have installed chiefs and leaders and pay homage to the Asantehene from time to time and even the angonna tribal leaders in Kumasi pay homage to the Asantehene. So if you insult the Ashantis then think about it very carefully for you are making a fool of yourself.In any case I have never ever heard a northern chief/leader,fanti chief/leader, Ga chief/leader,ashanti chief/leader or any tribal leader living in angonna land paying homage to your Awomefia or Awadada or any of the togbui's in angonna land.The Asantehene and the Ashantis will continue to be famous and prosporous irrespective of the insults you rain on them.Have you ever heard of any Ashanti insulting any of you or your chiefs? No Ashanti will do that for we respect any elder or chief.A lot of you angonna people have benefited from Otumfuo's educational trust and yet you insult him.A lot of your chiefs were there as chiefs before the current Asantehene was installed as a chief but none of them had the idea to bring about an educational trust. It was after Otumfuo came with his educational trust that all the other chiefs from the other tribes tried to copy his ideas . This is good for wisdom is not concentrated on a single person's brain.So you the angonnas should think of developing your towns so that you will be content with them and stop the jealousy.TELL YOU WHAT,USE YOUR IDEAS TO HELP YOUR PEOPLE TO DEVELOP AND STOP THE TROKOSI,AGBALAGBA and all you juju culture FOR THE JEALOUSY OF ASHANTIS WILL KILL YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR CORPSES WILL LIE ON YOUR IDOLS.ASHANTIS WILL FOREVER PROSPER WHILST YOUR BAD IDEAS AND JEALOUSY WILL CONTINUE TO DESTROY YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR TRIBE.LONG LIVE ASHANTI, LONG LIVE GHANA

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Kofi Agyeman
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