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Ewe history book is launched


Koo Dwomo, PHILA, USA.
2007-08-15 19:10:39
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Ewe history book is launched

To Oyokoba, For all these past centuries since the whiteman set his foot on the coast of West Africa, no history book was ever wRitten in the name of the EWE, what can the reason be if there is any? Do you want me to believe, that, this is as a result of ignorance, discrimination, selfishness,inferiority complex, or the PROVERBIAL Ewe, mistakenly took their pretty women's head gear, "DUKU" as the whole history of the Ewe people. Does Mr. Blege of education fame, want me to believe that, today is the only time, throughout his educational life, that he has ever come across a history book for his beloved people of the EWE land?. Oyokoba, I am still in disbelieve.Am I not day dreaming?, or this is a fake book? Does it mean that their whole existence as a tribe was fake until today? Because the foundation of the only government they were able to form in the country they are still fighting for inclusiveness and citizenry,Ghana, was faked as a revolution to justify genocide and bloodletting for their lesser TUKWEI gods, oh mine, oh mine!, I will never forget this day, WEDNESDAY AUGUST, 15,2007, that for the first time, a group of people called the EWE, has now been recognised as a people on the good soil of Ghana. I will never ever forget that a woman's head gear "DUKU" can be taken as a history for a whole tribe in past centuries, Oyokoba, Iwill rest my case from here, thank you.

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Koo Dwomo, PHILA, USA.
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