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Ewe history book is launched

Comment: Let them do rational business

2007-08-15 16:59:41
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It is for Devt

Let them do rational business. Let them learn to do rational business; not collections. The book must be prized to sell itself and generate its value. I would buy one if it is less than $30, but no more.

What is the book made of? Human flesh and human blood? We have to learn to earn our value and not asking for charity. That should mark the beginning of our rational evolution.

Ghana is a failed state because, all the tribes have no clue what real value is. That is why in spite of Gold and Diamnds that go to enrich whites, Asantes shine shoes, peddle drugs and prostitute themselves for a paltry livelihood.

Ghanaians lack a sense of the rational and appropriate. The book must self itself else the objective of teaching Ewe history will remain a pipe dream. The book's value must be determined by demand and supoply else the whole objective of the book will remaon a figment off the wrier's imagination.

To teach Ewe History, the book must be buyable by every Tom, Dick and Harry

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Let them do rational business
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