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"Wired man-of-God" wanted by Ghana police

Comment: a liar

gso citizen
2007-07-29 01:01:58
Comment to:

even the bible itself caution us about jugding. What proof do you have on such allegations. Just because you want to live in sin does not mean you have to go about and spread rumours about a man of god. This is not fair and also remember the implications of your accusations. leave the poor pastor alone.So he doesnt work, do you pay his bills. i live in greensboro, and though i don't attend that church pastor gyamfi is not who you claim he is. ghanafour pe saa, waniwa ato, okohyini.......find something better to do with your time and stop gissipig. I need you to disclose your true identity if you think you are telling the truth.

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07-24 16:48
a liar
gso citizen
07-29 01:01