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"Wired man-of-God" wanted by Ghana police

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esi begyina
2007-07-25 12:10:18
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Ei, African preachers. They are prophets, apostles, bishops, doctors, and now pollsters predicting the outcomes of deomcratic elections. Soon they will give edicts on national policies such as economic development, law and order and maybe defence. It is a pity that these mostly uneducated vampires are held untouchables and decieve, steal, con, rape (mentally), maim, psychologially enslave, and sometime kill, the clueless suffering masses in search of relief from the economic hardship and cultural oppression we have in Ghana.

But once the fools' eyes open the game will be over!

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07-24 16:48
Re: Read This
esi begyina
07-25 12:10