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"Wired man-of-God" wanted by Ghana police


2007-07-24 17:09:40
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"Wired man-of-God" wanted by Ghana police

Author: TruePatriot Date: 07-13-2007 16:53

"..I used to attend one myself, in Bronx, NY. The "Bishop", his wife, and his child's car notes (SUVs of course) paid for from church funds. His mortgage paid from church funds and also drawing an allowance of $1200 for bills and "miscellaneous" items, and a salary of $2800 bi-weekly. I will keep the name under wraps for now. .."

Yours is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on among Ghanaian Churches in diaspora.

I am more concern about how these churches are ruining many Ghanaian lives in diaspora in terms of; marriage, education and finances.

What these pastors do is to discern among the couples in the church their "faithfuls." If both of the couple are "into" the pastors then everything is OK. If the pastor finds that the wife or the husband is "rebellious" as they term them, he will use the "faithful" against the other partner. Sooner than later the couple are divorcing. It happens all the time at ALL NATIONS; I can give you more than two example... Donkor wanted to ordain one of his "faithful," a lady, the husband was opposed to that...they were fighting everyday and not talking to each other, yet Donkor ordained this lady. Guess what happened? they divorced and the lady is still a pastor at one of his churches. And fools are under this lady listening to her as a pastor.

About divorce, I was somehow happy that it affected Duncan Williams himself. When one of his members, Joshua (50/50- Nigerian/Ghanian) came to America he wanted to start a church and because he was a member of that back home he decided to call it "Action Church" and ask Duncan William to be the Overseer. Joshua found out it was expensive to hold service at the Holiday Inn Hotel and wanted to raise funds to get a place for the church so he invited Duncan to come and hold a conference. I was personally there when this "man of God" was telling people about the reason why he is staying at a first class hotel and why he needed people to come up with pledges to sustain his lifestyle while he is in AMERICA. Before Joshua could say the blessings or grace for us to depart, Duncan was with the "accountants/counters" finding out how much they were able to raise. Soon after, Joshua was there too and this was the beginning of the tension that broke up the Action Church for Joshua to start his own. Duncan thinking that there are "dollars" in planting churches in America asked his wife to become the head Pastor of that church. So the wife came to USA with a visitors visa yet becoming the permanent head pastor of that church. What happened? A woman left alone here in America and for the first time in her life having control over finances and moreover, younger men driving her around, your guess will not be far from that of Steve Wonder's reading this post. ALL NATION church that is in Texas was started founded in a similar fashion. Guess what? Sam Donkor has taken it away from the guy who started it and given it to his son. These are raw facts.

I have said it here, in places like ALL NATION, you will not be encouraged to get education. Here is a case of a Pastor who got his "Doctor of Ministry" degree from Canada Christian College, which is not recognized as a reputable College in Canada, yet he hates to be called Pastor Donkor or Rev. Donkor. He just want you to call him Dr. Donkor, don't try to add that Rev. to it. Doctor of Ministry is not a terminal degree yet this clueless pastors don't get it. Can you imagine a pastor like that wanting his members to become doctors, lawyers and PhD holders? Hell NO. He wants to be seen as the most educated person in the church. The highest education you will get will be from Humber, Seneca or George Brown Colleges. Someone would say what about Dr. Gyimah, a psychiatrist who has supported this man and is still with him. First off, you have to know that psychiatrists are no different from their patients. Secondly, the wife has a job now; she is the head of whatever school they have at their church. Another myopic reason why they don't encourage their members to further their education is this; they think they will loose their tithe and collections when these members begin their education. Of course, they are Africans; they don't think about long-term planning.

About finances, while the pastors are living in opulence, almost all the members are living in abject poverty. These members have to struggle to work one or 2 jobs before making ends meet, yet they come and pay their tithes and offerings to pastors who are using Lexus 430 and E/S classes of Mercedes Benz. Donkor changes his Lexus every 4 or 5 years. He makes sure that he gets the same color believing that the members are stupid to find out. The tithes and offerings are not used for anything except for the pastors' salary. Have you asked yourself why is that the members pay tithes and offerings, yet the church has to raise funds for the church building, piano, Hymn books, chairs, etc.. I mean everything in the church was bought by raising funds. They will even raise funds to buy a pin. Nothing comes from the tithes and offerings. And why is it that we know about the salary of the President of USA, but Pastors' Salary are always hiding and the churches' income are not made known to the members? These crooks are more than "LODGES" we have in Ghana, I tell you.

Having said this, do you want to know why yours truly is finding it difficult to worship his LORD under a Ghanaian Minister? They are crooks; had I stayed with them, I could not even know how to access computer to write about these stuff- there will be no education for me, and my future wife will be controlled and programmed by my head Pastor and above all, I would have neglected my family needs and give all my money to one pastor to "chop." They are nothing, but bloodsuckers, if you asked me.

Enjoy your weekend.

God bless Ghana, OUR HOMELAND

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