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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

Comment: All's well...

Only a white man
2007-06-20 23:09:43
Comment to:

All's well that ends well!

(alphabetical order!)

I hope my eulogy to your intellect and education (please compare my comment "Wise" to Article: "Ghana to receive...", 20 June 2007) doesn't damage your reputation and won't disturb all the wedding-plans :-)

VICE RESSIEN, i suppose your big boys only will have to eat, to drink and to enjoy the wedding-party. (And by the way: up to three or four opponents/attackers, we both don't need any support; that we manage by ourselves - between main meal and dessert:-))

Hmmm, how do i see myself now?

There stood the MUTANT, as you will divine,
Something between a hindrance and a help
(thank you, dear honourable William Wordsworth for the quote and forgive me for changing your quote a bit, i.e. replacing "urchin" by MUTANT).

I hope that my comments aren't too much hindering the big plans (please allow to replace "big boys" by "big plans") :-).

Congratulations will follow when the wedding is completed (in Germany most of us fear and avoid congratulations in advance; but that you know anyway!)

Then i, Only a white man, will take liberty to address the happy bride, too (if you -the bride included, of course- kindly allow).

See you soon!

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06-20 02:57
All's well...
Only a white man
06-20 23:09