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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’


Fleance Kyere-Cyprus
2007-06-20 18:18:32
Comment to:

pls folks analyse the last but one paragrah of Peace-Maker's publication''

the whiteman is going to have a field day, bootlegging our oil to fertilize his economy while foolish ghanaians sit down, wallowing in destitution and pennilessness, glorying in the occasion that oil has been discovered in their country. excursions would be organised to the oil fields and NATIONAL OIL DISCOVERY DAY will become a public holiday. once again, mental slavery-WHITE MASTER, BLACK SERVANT- triumphs and foolish ghanaians live with mediocrity.'' Isn't it very insulting to all Well meaning Ghanaians. pls lets be watchful of this lunatics and what they write,,wether Ashanti's,Ewes ,Brongs,Fantes whatever we are all GHANAIANS, one dream,one destiny, one vision and one Nation, and we're proud of it,,we do not need Nation wreckers like this geek to divide us. or whatever you call your name, I'm ever ready to take you on...if you like but not on this forum so as not to embarass fellow users,,, i really abhor you and depises you as a very countryman..Anyway i suppose you were not sound to have publish this nuisance and derogatory remarks,,
i'm from Brong but you hurt me badly,,,i hate you again...Bushman uncivilise and uncultured..pardon me fellow users.

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06-20 02:57
Fleance Kyere-Cyprus
06-20 18:18