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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

Comment: MenayeAfuaforiwa max. 1yr.

2007-06-20 15:39:54
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How Long will this Oil Lasts

Maximum 1 year and a complete devastation of the environment will follow too.
Calculate yourself madam, the phantom oil under the ocean is alleged to be somewhere around 600 million barrels so if the ayevu drills about 2 million barrels a day then we have 300 days maximum. What do you think madam? Is this a cause for us to be jubilating this early. Only a year of dirty black oil biz. The ayevu will make around 43 billion but will toss a surplus of maximum 4.2 to Ghana but guess whether the people will notice any difference at all in their living standards b'cuz of this so called black gold. Ohhhhhh! My people. I'm not against our country discovering new marketable resources but my problem is: Are we already done with the existing resources in the country that we can utilize ourselves without depending on any cheating outside parasitic forces to help. Let's put a functioning system in place and manage/utilize our human resources first to our own benefit.

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06-20 02:57
MenayeAfuaforiwa max. 1yr.
06-20 15:39