Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’ | (comment 2953673)
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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

Comment: AMMA

2007-06-20 09:41:53
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Peace Maker

plain-spoken! you strike me as a very logical ashanti which i find very impressive although amazing (now, disassociate that from the alter-ego-PEACE-MAKER).

eliminating the ASHANTI CRAP from my "RANTINGS" is an ask too much as my mission is to give the ashanti primates a dose of what they adminsitered to good ghanaians during the KU ME PREKO jabberwocky.

until smelly kufuor and his cocaine ministers see reason to unite the WHOLE of ghana, I, PEACE-MAKER, will continue firing the salvos ( a word you taught me) at ashantis.

right, when are we stepping to the altar?

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