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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

Comment: Parental training not better

Konto Manu Sakyi
2007-06-20 09:36:23
Comment to:
When Will You Grow Juloh Jato?

Here is this so-called author by this false name saying that for want of adequate parental training, Rawlings is a kuborlor and all that. I am sure after he wrote this piece he read through and with all his exquisite and top- notch parental training he chose to churn out for our reading this stupid piece which has no link with the topic in issue. Ei! if this guy had not had parental training, I am sure he would have taken faeces for cake. Parental training and full-blooded Ghanaians indeed!!!!

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06-20 02:57
Parental training not better
Konto Manu Sakyi
06-20 09:36