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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

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2007-06-20 05:39:12
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Yes, Randy, you rightly read it: that out of the 234 robbery cases nationwide the Ashanti Region leads with 130. What you failed to consider is the estimated ethnic breakdown of the robbers involved which is as follows:
1) Ewes......50=35.7%
2) Northners(Ashantis group them all as Hausas).....45=34.6%
3) Gas.......20=15.5%
4) Akans(including Ashantis)....15=11.5%

The above figure compares well with satisitics gathered nationally on ethnic armed-robbery. Ewes and Northners should do something about their penchant for robbery with arms. Ghana would be almost armed-robbery free if only Ewes and Northners could control themselves.

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