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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

Comment: Stupid talk

2007-06-20 04:57:22
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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

" The minister’s display of salt and oil therefore, was to tell the House that if the NDC found salt, the NPP has discovered oil."

This shows the stupidity of these people, it took 20 year plus to get to where we are, if GNPC had not diversified; the company would have gone burst. Did the government of Ghana under NPP not reap the benefits of GNPC investing in WESTEL, by selling the company to a Dubai based company for close to 1 billion dollars??

This oild find, if true was the work of all including GNPC, PNDC,NDC and NPP. Mr Minister solve the power problems first. You will not be in power by the time the oil is pumped for sale 5-10yrs down the line.

Why this long before pumping? So, because NPP sold the only oil rig GNPC owned, claiming it is not needed. Now we have to wait till a new rig is built for us.

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Stupid talk
06-20 04:57