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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

Comment: Adda's storm ; in his balls

2007-06-20 04:11:56
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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

It is amazing how mediocre and stupid Ghanaians can be sometimes. When this Minister was being called by parliament to answer on the Energy crisis, He was around playing the GOAT with some useless press conferences blaming everyone but himself for the current energy crisis. All of a sudden there is an anouncement of an alleged discovery of CRUDE OIL in commercial quantities and this Minister(Adda) gets a STORM IN HIS BALLS and is able to STORM PARLIAMENT! Incredible how gullible Ghanaians can be.

In any case we are talking about Technological and Scientific precision here and none of the information given out so far has firmly comfirmed the commercial viability of the discovery. Why wont the Government wait and do all their gound works and be cock sure before comming out with this news only to be given us ifs and buts.

This government has failed miserarably and are therefore desperate to use the most basic achievements to blow their own horns. Some even claim it because Kufour has been DIVINELY PREORDAINED and that is why God is showing him the way. Grant that this argument is true why will God wait till one year to the end of Kufours tenure to him(K4) crude oil which is likely not to be produced before he leaves office?

Anyway typical of drawning men, they will even catch at straw for safety so i am not suprised at this over celebration of POTENTIAL oil production as NPPs much tauted sign of GOOD GOVERNANCE. Instead of puttting up technical and managerial experts to task to see to how best we can manage and derive the maximun best form this POTENTIAL OIL PRODUCTION, our President and his cabinet are busy popping champange and celebrating.

Just by the way did anybody see the President of TV SMELLING THE OIL? If not, if you have given milk to a Cat before on a plate, it will give you an idea what our Presidnt did.

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Adda's storm ; in his balls
06-20 04:11