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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’


2007-06-20 02:57:19
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Minister storms parliament with ‘dirty oil’

in those days when good ghanaians like joseph casely-hayford, africanus horton jr., and mensah sarbah were fiercely opposing imperialist policies such as the crown lands bill of 1896, ashanti orangutans and lemurs were lost in primitive anonymity.

in those days when sergeant adjetey, private lamptey and corporal attipoe were offering their lives to defend the interests of good ghanaians, ashanti babboons were still entombing their feral chiefs with live humans.

in those days when mensah sarbah was instituting educational programmes like the mfantsi educational fund, bush ashantis were still oscillating from tree to tree. funny that, their cocaine chief is now impersonating this top-flight idea and his subjects begin to whoop, KING SOLOMON, KING SOLOMON.

all of a sudden, a couple of their bushmen were offered the benignity of good education and what did we see? an infiltration of primitivism into civilized ghanaian society. while the great KWAME NKRUMAH was trying to wrestle power from white oppressors, edward akuffo addo, danquah and ofori-atta, a bunch of traitors and whiteman's bootlickers were grinning to the queen in london, "SELF-GOVERNMENT IN THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME".

ghana's woes began as soon as the ashanti primates were allowed into mainstream ghanaian society-bombthrowing, nepotism, larceny, pilferage, pick-pocketing, purloining, primitivism. in short, ghana's developmental progress began to degress.

NOW, by some twist of fate, OIL HAS ALLEGEDLY BEEN DISCOVERED BY THE WHITEMAN during their regime and ashanti primates are all over the place eulogizing the whiteman for this great "discovery". babboons, the GREAT JERRY RAWLINGS, the visionary realized the latency of oil on the ghanaian coast hence the establishment of GNPC in 1983. in june 1992, an offshore tano basin well produced about 6,900 barrels of oil daily. Ashanti primates are well-known for living on borrowed glory.

already, the ashanti primates led by smelly kufuor and his cocaine ministers, with pea-sized brains, have merchandised ghana's interest in the so-called discovered oil for a nickel. the fame gained for oil being discovered during their so-called tenure of office is enough for them to stand on a political platform and boast, as is usual of ashantis, that oil was discovered during their time. oh, ashantis!

the whiteman is going to have a field day, bootlegging our oil to fertilize his economy while foolish ghanaians sit down, wallowing in destitution and pennilessness, glorying in the occasion that oil has been discovered in their country. excursions would be organised to the oil fields and NATIONAL OIL DISCOVERY DAY will become a public holiday. once again, mental slavery-WHITE MASTER, BLACK SERVANT- triumphs and foolish ghanaians live with mediocrity.

which ashanti, badger, hedgehog or coyote can dispute thet facts I, PEACE-MAKER, have presented above except engage in nonsensical discourse? I say, NADA!

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