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MPs call for masses input in destiny of Africa

Comment: Utopia

Black Hero
2007-06-01 17:52:12
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Re: MPs call for masses input in destiny of Africa

What you just described is an Utopia.
The same politicians we have are those who would be ruling the United Africa, asuming the plans materialise. Imagine Mugabe the AU Foreign Minister, or worse still, President of AU. The principle of conservation means the Politicians we have would negotiate deals that would keep THEM at the centre of any Political moves in Africa.
They can't even solve Darfour or Zimbabwe and how do you expect them to bring the continent together?
The trade element can and should happen, independent of whether we form a single government. Free travel and trade between African states would boost the economy much more than political unity.
Until the core countries learn to respect law and order, it is dangerous to form a United States of Africa. The Politicians are out of touch with us the citizens as it stands, and it would only worsen if the HQ is moved even farther. Accountability would completely evaporate.

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Black Hero
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