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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

Comment: Back to Basics Nii Lante.

Gobiak Asukorik
2007-03-05 13:45:50
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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In Hig

Nii Lantey has the ostrich syndrome big time.No reflections on the wasted years of his (P)NDC regimes,the kleptomania & refusal to build up the capacity of Ghana/Ghanaians.Dr.Mahathir of Malaysia came into power in his country at the same time as Dr.John Jerry Rawlings.Ghana is endowed with more natural resources than Malaysia.They both left office about the same time.Compare the two Countries over the same period & tell me Mr.Nil Lantey what a sorry state we were left in.Why dont you go back to basics,learn a bit,then try to look at things more objectively.Ghana is Greater than one man & his motley gang of cronies.Long Live Ghana.Goodbye,Days of Darkness,Intimidation,Oppression,Murder etc.

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03-04 15:29
Back to Basics Nii Lante.
Gobiak Asukorik
03-05 13:45