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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

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2007-03-05 13:16:52
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Re: Bogus Economics!

i get your point about political interference. that is bad and shouldn't happen.

but most of the time when i talk to poultry farmers in ghana, they complain about high price of maize, even though it is locally produced. they think poultry imports should be banned so they can sell at higher prices to ghanaians. that is certainly not in the interest of ghanaians who may want cheaper poultry products.

i think one of he problems of enterpreneurs in ghana is that they never studied economies of scale. everyone wants to be a small poultry farmer or a manufacturer somewhere, instead of say 20 of them grouping together to work on a single farm in order to benefit from the economies of scale.

this applies to most other companies who are not competing well in ghana. it will be wrong for gov't to continue protecting these inefficient ways of production. ghanaians will certainly be the losers.

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Re: Bogus Economics!
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