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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

Comment: We are rather useless!!

2007-03-05 08:41:15
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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In Hig

We don't hate ourselves. I think our services are rather useless, so as our governments, past and present.
I once went to Ghana and found the road to my suburb tarred. I was really impressed. When I returned 6 months later it was all gone. Was the contractor paid? Was there a warranty? Was the contract properly supervised by the sector ministry?

There have also been so many incidence of colapsed buildings in Accra and Kumasi. Can we risk having our presidential palace built by a Ghanaian/local construction firm, with a strong potency that it could colapse one day??
Is it not fair to say that our services are not good value for money??

Nii, I fully share your sentiments. I also do believe that businesses should better their products and services.

Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) closes at 2pm. Barclays, The Trust bank, Stanchart, etc. close at 5pm, Monday - Friday, 12pm - Saturdays. Nii I guess you will not chosse GCB ahead of the foreign banks for business? Ghana International Bank here in London closes at 1:30pm. All other banks close at 5pm.

At least we know now why we've ignored ourselves.

Long Live Ghana!!!!!!!

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We are rather useless!!
03-05 08:41