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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

Comment: Xenephobic & Racist Nii Lante

Kwasi Ppong
2007-03-05 07:36:48
Comment to:

But your assertion is unwise. Tell me what is untrue about what the guy said in his article? We difinitely are getting it wrong and this will mature in some years to come when you may not be alive, same as we are reaping the fruits of our foolishness about forty or so years ago.

This aint no racism - wise leaders around the world always consider the interests of their people and nations first. Yes they do accept foreigners but always have the interests of their nations and peoples first.

Why can't we build our own roads and bridges, railways, manage our own organisations if we have institutions built to train our citizens for those same purposes. We might as well close them down.

Talking about Ghanaians being part of the fabric of other societies they live around the world, tell me what percentage of us hold key and influencial positions that effect any meaninful change in such societies.

But that is exactly what Nii was trying to portray in his article -long term negative change in our people as all our strategic economic activities and operations are handed over on silver platters to foreigners.

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03-04 15:29
Xenephobic & Racist Nii Lante
Kwasi Ppong
03-05 07:36