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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

Comment: Wrong economic lesson, Sarah

2007-03-05 05:20:59
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Sarah, dont you think that if imports were banned or restricted in order to encourage our industries, that will create more jobs for Ghanaians and move us into a middle-income economy. Your reasoning of stating that industries will become lazy doesnt hold water cos theres something called COMPETITION. If a ghanaian company chooses to be lazy and uncompetitive, another entrepeneur sensing an opportunity can set up in the same industry and compete.

Most of we Ghanaians abroad who have the expertise and access to capital would like to go back to Ghana and set up business etc but how can we compete with the cheap imports coming from China. It will be like throwing money down the drain and thats why we all end up just building houses in Accra!

For an economic lesson, China the EEC and the US protect their industries. Its vital for building the economy and creating jobs. If Kuffour and his goverment were any sensible, they would also protect our industries. Point to ponder: Why is Nigeria currently restricting imported goods even from ECOWAS countries, and with their big markets???

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Wrong economic lesson, Sarah
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