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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

Comment: Good piece, Nii

A sad Ghanaian
2007-03-05 04:42:18
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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In Hig

This is wonderful Nii. I have been very sad over the past few months and completely lost interest in this celebration, because of most of the issues and concerns raised. We seems to be celebrating our transition from Third to Fourth, characterised by primitive diseases such as guinea worm, a disease which is said to be associated with "primitive people" for which Ghana is struggling with Sudan for the first position, whiles our comterparts have moved from the same Third World to First World. The hypocrites and bootlickers can say what they want but this is the real situation we are confronted with today.

I really fear for the generation unborn. People of Ghana please wake up your slumber.

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03-04 15:29
Good piece, Nii
A sad Ghanaian
03-05 04:42