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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

Comment: you are right on the money

2007-03-05 01:55:55
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Osei Yaw, how foolish!!!

thanks kwankwa!
the USA heavily subsidises its agricultural and agrobased industries and also grants them huge tax breaks in order to prevent cheaper imports from china,india, south america.
rice, sugar,wheat,beef , name it the usa has trade barriers for each and every one and subsidizes its local farmers to stem the flow of cheaper products from so called third world countries!
allthese farmers have lobbyist working on their behalf to get congress to keep these protectionist measures in place ...and we have folks who just read books on economic theories tell us to remove all trade barriers etc. we are jokers period.the colonial mentality is still very much at work even after 50 years of independence

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03-04 15:29
you are right on the money
03-05 01:55